Christmas Mixed Cases

It’s time to announce our Christmas mixed cases for 2021!

Firstly, a big shout out to our social media crew (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook)... You all threw some incredible ideas at us last week in our time of need. Following on from our film theme last year, this time out we’re on your favourite Christmas tunes.

We’ll introduce each mixed case in a moment, but we’ll tell you first that one of the cases on our list is “FAIRYTALE OF FINCHAMPSTEAD”, designed to be a complete picture of everything Siren. 25 beers from Sours to Juicy IPAs and Nitro Stouts to Barrel Aged beauties, with snacks, glassware and even a £5 voucher for January.

A big well done to James, aka Hopmania on Instagram who almost immediately suggested the name and so, even though it was on our shortlist, bags himself a free one, because we’re nice like that and feeling Christmassy!

There’s one more lucky winner, who came up with a name and a concept so good that it just had to happen. Read on to find out which one! 

So let’s talk Mixed Cases. We want to make your Christmas shopping, gifting, and beer choosing as easy as possible, so here we have 7 fantastic options, to suit all needs. 

Head here to start shopping and see the full selection, or check them out below.


This case was born from some of our own beery interests. As nice as a varied and mixed bag of options are, sometimes, especially at Christmas, you want to open the fridge and see something reliable. Something that you can have a few of, and enjoy drop after drop. With that in mind, ‘Tis the Session, has 12 beers - 3 Lumina, 3 Squiggle Giggle, 3 Pastel Pils and 3 Measure Twice, Cut Once. These are paired with some awesome Tapas Fries and Chicken Salt Fries from our friends at Made For Drink… who doesn’t have their hands in a bowl of snacks all day? 

Lumina - 4.2% Session IPA x 3
Squiggle Giggle - 4.2% Hazy Pale Ale x 3
Pastel Pils - 4.8% Italian Lager x 3
Measure Twice, Cut Once - 4.7% Hazy Pale Ale x 3
Tapas Fries x 1
Chicken Salt Fries x 1

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Better Not Stout

Can I replace all the IPAs for more stouts?” - is a question we get quite often. So, we listened! Here’s a stout only case for all of you who prefer a dark Christmas. This one is paired with some of Mr Filberts Espresso Nuts… seriously moreish, seriously delicious!

Broken Dream - 6.5% Breakfast Stout x 2
Cacao & Hazelnut Broken Dream - 6.5% Twisted Breakfast Stout x 2
Cacao & Cherry Broken Dream - 7.4% Twisted Breakfast Stout x 2
Origin Story - 10% Imperial Stout x 2
Bones of a Sailor - 9% Imperial Porter x 2
Invisible Deck - 5.9% Nitro White Stout x 2
Mr Filberts Espresso Nuts x 1

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Secret Santa

If you’re anything like us, then every year you struggle with your Secret Santa present. What to get for a tenner? What will Wendy from Sales or Bob from Accounting enjoy? Well, we’ve made it easy for you. This cheeky little mixed case has 4 tasty and accessible beers, a tasting glass and a bag of chicken salt fries. Sadly for us, this option has been banned from the Siren in-house secret santa. Be the best colleague without ANY effort, what’s not to like?

Measure Twice, Cut Once - 4.7% Hazy Pale Ale
Soundwave - 5.6% IPA
Lumina - 4.2% Session IPA
Enter Simcoe - 6% Hazy IPA
Chicken Salt Fries
Pattern Harmony Tasting Glass


Silent Nitro

A few of you suggested “Siren Night”, and we will admit that’s pretty decent… but to truly get the pun in, we’ve turned it upside down, hard poured it and made it extra smooth. This beautifully simple mixed case includes our currently available Nitro beers, which we hope you’ll agree is a lovely little mix. Click here for more information about nitro and why we love it. Enjoy! 

Memento - 3.8% Nitro Best Bitter x 2
Hard Pour Broken Dream - 6.5% Nitro Breakfast Stout x 2
Nitro Pompelmocello - 6% Juicy Grapefruit Sour IPA x 2
Extra Special Beans - 5.8% NitroExtra Special Bitter with Coffee & Hazelnut x 2
Invisible Deck - 5.9% Nitro White Stout x 2
3 bags of Cheesies
Nitro Glass

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Let it Flow

Having a Christmas Party? This one’s for you! 6 cans of 6 different beers, plus, a bonus £5 voucher for you to spend in January! The weather outside is frightful, but these beers are so delightful. And since Boris might say we have no place to go… let it flow, let it flow, let it flow! 

Measure Twice, Cut Once - 4.7% Hazy Pale Ale x 6
Soundwave - 5.6% IPA x 6
Lumina - 4.2% Session IPA x 6
Enter Simcoe - 6% Hazy IPA x 6
Broken Dream - 6.5% Breakfast Stout x 6
Pastel Pils - 4.8% Italian Lager x 6
Plus - £5 Voucher to spend in January

A now - a winner! This was suggested by Steve, aka @BileysMullet on Twitter. It’s honestly genius, and despite not being totally accurate, it works. It just works. 

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Wheat Free Kings... our Gluten Free box.

As we only currently have 2 Gluten Free beers, Lumina and Futurist, this case is simply just loaded with them… There’s no reason that a lack of gluten means a lack of enjoyment. 

Lumina - 4.2% (Gluten Free) Session IPA x 6
Futurist - 4.8% Gluten Free Session IPA x 6


And lastly, the big box:

Fairytale of Finchampstead

You may remember how last year, even during a pandemic, we brewed and released more than 80 different beers. From that, pretty much every style under the sun. We like to keep things interesting, and different, and this box celebrates that in style. It’s like an Advent Calendar plus. However, don’t forget that our actual Advent Calendars are awesome, and shipping now!

Origin Story - 10% Imperial Stout
Static Charge - 7.7% Barrel Aged Mixed Ferm Blended Saison
A Lucky One - 4.5% Hazy Pale Ale
Far Above the Moon - 7.2% Juicy IPA
Your Codename is… - 4.7% Juicy Pale Ale
Dystopian Dawn - 6.4% Black IPA
One in, All in - 6.5% Red IPA
Okay, I'll Bite - 7.2% California IPA
Piha Pils - 5.5% New Zealand Lager
Invisible Deck - 5.9% Nitro White Stout
In the Name of Fun - 5.2% DDH Pale Ale
Light in the Dark - 8.6% Barley Wine
Furthest City Light - 10.1% Oat Wine
Failing Upwards - 8.6% Juicy DIPA
Enter Simcoe - 6% Hazy IPA
Press to Zest - 4.5% Coffee And Lemon Gose
Lumina - 4.2% Session IPA
Nitro Pompelmocello - 6% Juicy Grapefruit Sour IPA
Soundwave - 5.6% IPA
Broken Dream - 6.5% Breakfast Stout
Many Moons - 8.6% Barrel Aged Dark Cherry Sour
Santo - 5% Dry-Hopped Lager
Yu Lu - 3.8% Session Pale Ale
Futurist - 4.8% Gluten Free Session IPA
Flex - 5.3% California Pale Ale
Tapas Fries
Chicken Salt Fries 
Snacking Pickles
Siren Beer Mats
2 x Harmony Pattern Tasting Glasses
Plus £5 Voucher to spend in January


Hopefully there’s something for everyone there! Click here to find out more about our Advents, which are now shipping, contain three exclusive beers and look beautiful. We’ll be back soon with a Christmas Gift Guide too, so watch this space! 

Well done to our winners, will be in touch via social media. We may be dropping a few nice codes into the inboxes of those who suggested some other favourites, so keep an eye out!