Written by Andy

The Soundwave Promise

In eleven years of brewing, it’s fair to say we’ve sampled our fair share of Soundwave IPA. But it’s never tasted as good as it does right now, so we’re doing something that we’ve never done before - we’re making you the Soundwave Promise.

That’s right. We’re so keen for you to try our Flagship IPA, that we’ll give you your money back if you try the beer for the first time and don’t like it*.

But first, let’s have a quick recap on what Soundwave IPA is, why we love it, and why we think that you will too.

What is Soundwave IPA?

Soundwave has been a key part of Siren since day one. Back in 2013 you couldn’t be considered a new wave brewery if you didn’t have something hop forward, bursting with tropical juiciness and some prominent bitterness to let you know you were drinking a beer with a bit of attitude. It’s been a key part of our range ever since.

Coming in at 5.6%, Soundwave started life with American West Coast inspiration, though there has always been minimal malt complexity. Instead, Soundwave has always been our ‘Hop Vehicle’ - packed to the brim with punchy, oil-laden hops**.

We don’t mind admitting that there have been a couple of tweaks to the recipe and processes over the years. We have a ‘continuous improvement’ mentality and we’ll always remain open minded to new ideas to make better beer. From being inspired to develop and switch in our house-strain Vermont yeast, to taking a more liberal approach to the natural haze, even softening the bitterness just a little to suit changing tastes.

In the last few years in particular, science has increasingly played its part in developments. After our crowdfunding raise in 2018 we invested a significant amount in a new lab build. In addition to increasing both our accuracy and range of in-house testing available, we also took a qualitative approach, implementing company-wide tastings.

Although the craft beer market historically seeks the new and shiny in favour of core range beers, we think that there’s still something to be said for the pint you can trust each and every time you see it on a bar.

What does Soundwave IPA taste like?

At its heart though, Soundwave remains the same. We’re always looking for punchy, resinous aromas with mango, peach, and pineapple notes. We expect Soundwave to have a good body at 5.6%, with a mouthfeel leaning towards the soft and smooth end of the spectrum, further helping the tropical and citrus fruit flavours on the palate. Soundwave just always finish with a resinous lick of bitterness - the epitome of an IPA. This way, you’re always ready to back in for another sip. Having recently won a Great Taste Award, the judges left us this feedback:

“Vibrant colour and activity, with an equally vibrant aroma, with all the tropical fruitiness anticipated. The subtlety is quite refined with a perfect level of citrus, well balanced with the sweeter fruit and great zesty bitterness. There is great equilibrium here, this is a well crafted beer that we thoroughly enjoyed.”

The Soundwave Personalities

When we developed our branding in 2019 we wanted to really dig in and build the backstories of our favourite beers. Doing this allowed us to link the beer inside the can with the ‘why’ of making it in the first place, and subsequently the artwork on the outside. Soundwave was the beginning of all this work:

“Our flagship beer, out there winning hearts, minds and tastebuds, and showing the world what Siren is all about. This canvas celebrates the beauty of song and captures the energy of the sea and sky. It’s inspired by the fantastical tales and prodigious feathered illustrations of old. Epic in drinking, epic by design.”

Over the years we’ve been inspired to showcase a few different riffs of Soundwave. You may remember iterations like Tidal Wave, DDH Soundwave or Soundwave Sessions, but there have actually been more than ten different versions of this magical beer over the course of eleven years.

Ever wondered which Soundwave personality you’re most aligned with? Check out this brand new interactive quiz to find out!


By playing along, you may even discover what the next Soundwave personality is going to be! 

Where to buy Soundwave

Soundwave is regularly available from our webshop, the Tap Yard, the George & Dragon and soon to the new Siren bar in reading. As well as all good craft beer retailers and Asda, Morrisons & Waitrose as part of our Pale Ale Four Pack.

For all the background and terms on the Soundwave Promise please click here.
** The Soundwave hop profile is Citra, Simcoe, Chinook, Columbus.