Our new website is finally here.

Welcome to our shiny new website! This improvement has
been a long time coming, and we'd like to talk you through some of the work we've been doing. Plus - to celebrate the launch - we're offering free shipping all weekend!

Five years in as a brewery, we realised that one area we'd really been neglecting was our website. We were all too aware about the tricky shopping process, not to mention the lack of detail we were able to offer on our beers pages.

Well now we've upped our game! Here are just some of the great new features you'll find on our new site:

  • Detailed 'Brew Sheets' for beers past and present, so you can check ingredients and pick out your favourite hops in an instant. Take a look >>
  • Featured Events - so we can tell you more about some of the cool projects we're working on. Pub Takeover @ Port Street Beer House, anyone? Take a look >>
  • Mobile Site - we know that beer fans love to look things up when they're out and about at the finest pubs and festivals. The new mobile site lets you get that info you need, or allows you to get some emergency Sound Wave on order without even picking up the laptop.
  • Meet The Team - for better or for worse, you can now see some of the faces behind Siren. Take a look (at your own risk) >>
  • A hugely improved Online Shop. Quicker, easier to use, much clearer product images and a seamless checkout experience. Take a look >>
  • Find out What's on Tap at the Tap Yard. We've got an untappd plugin to keep you up to date with what's pouring and what's coming on soon. Never miss the beer you're after! 
  • Of course, you'll still find all the behind-the-scenes insight, opinions and stories here on our blog. We've brought over everything from 2012 onwards, just in case you fancy a delve through the archives!

Have an explore around the site, and let us know what you think!

Exploring the new Siren Craft Brew website

To celebrate the long overdue launch of our new website, we'd like to offer you FREE SHIPPING all weekend! Simply enter the code 'ShipShape' at the checkout and we'll do the rest.

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