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What's in store for February

If you did Dryanuary, good on you, but we can now put all that behind us and get back to normal service. This month we've got some awesome releases to tell you about including a rebrew, a brand new IPA, our new session IPA, a big collab and an even bigger barrel aged stout collab. 

Check it out...


We've loved our 5% cold-steeped porter for years and it was a treat for us to bring it back and can it last year. It proved a popular decision, and we're pleased that a fresh brew is going back out to bars on keg. Cans are still available whilst stock lasts.

If you've never had Coldblooded before then you're in for a treat. We steep the grains overnight to produce a rich, chocolate indulgence of a porter. At 5%, it's a beer than could be considered something of a 'sessionable' brew. At this time of year with the cold weather sitting over us, a warming chocolate porter goes down a treat.

Check it out here: Coldblooded 440ml Cans


Azacca is a hell of a hop, and after using it in a few other things (In The Belly of a Shark, Suspended in Azacca, The Bonnie Situation, Paper, Rock, Scissors to name just some...) we couldn't wait to shine a proper light on it with its very own hop-focussed IPA. 

Azacca hops are joined by Amarillo and Citra to create an easy drinking IPA that packs a hoppy punch. Aromas of tropical fruits and citrus are prominent, with mango, pineapple, tangerine and pine flavours coming through in delicious fashion.

Azaccattack is available NOW! Click here - Azaccattack in the Webshop


You may have already had Refractions, our brand new 4.2% Session IPA on keg or cask. Well, after some really good feedback and a few brewing tweaks Refractions is back and available in 440ml cans! 

Hopped with an absolutely mouth watering line-up of Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, Chinook, Ekuanot and Azacca, Refractions is an absolutely crushable Session IPA, full flavour and bursting with fruity aromas. It's a tropical treat that delivers juicy fruit notes and light citrus highlights in abundance. It’s refreshingly balanced, with a soft mouthfeel, delicate bitterness and a beautiful hazy pour.

It's also available NOW! Click here for Refractions in the webshop.

The Abyssal Zone

A few weeks back, the legendary Colin Stronge came down from Salt Beer Factory for a collab. Inspired by the cold, together we brewed up a big Baltic Porter; believe it or not, a first for Siren! 

The result is a 10% beer that's rich with flavour, slightly sweet, pitch black in colour and heart-warmingly robust. The name is inspired by an almost-freezing depth of the ocean that remains in perpetual darkness. 

You'll want to take a deep dive into this one.

The Abyssal Zone is released on February 24th but will have a first pour at Friends & Family & Beer!

Dark & Perilous Nights

For this one, we can look back on our Barrel Store Blog

The first release from the barrel store this year comes in the form of a collab with Florida’s J Wakefield.

When the J Wakefield team came over from Miami in 2017, a big stout was decided upon for a collab. We bonded over a mutual love for big barrel aged stouts, and joined forces to design a recipe specifically for barrels, something that would benefit from time stored away and all the great character that would come along with that.

Base malts of Marris Otter, Wheat, Oats, Amber and Pale Chocolate were joined by a hit of Magnum hops, the same we use for Broken Dream. A final addition of some Muscovado sugar left a thick stout, rich in flavour. 

Since then, it’s been sat breathing in all that the Jim Beam & George Dickel Tennesse Whiskey barrels have to offer. The result is a 12.4% luxurious brew with rich aromas of dark sugar and toffee, a comforting chocolate fudge flavour profile, warming spirit complexity and a slick mouthfeel.

It’s being bottled on February 10th, and will get its launch and first pour at Cloudwater’s Friends & Family & Beer festival

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Suspended in...

Of course, we have a new Suspended in... release every 2 weeks, which means there's two great new suspended brews in February.

From next week, look out for "Suspended in Columbus" at a bar near you. As you may have guessed, it features the heavy hitting American Hop, Columbus. This hop is popular in brewing circles, often used for bittering and aroma, but bringing some great flavours to the mix. Expect dank and herbacious notes with resinous and fresh citrus undertones. Our signature malt bill rounds out a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

We end the month with "Suspended in Ekuanot", released on the 24th. This one is a rebrew due to the fact that we love Ekuanot hops and you’ll see Ekuanot popping up in many a Siren recipe. We’re giving it another starring role in Suspended to show you what it’s all about. Mango and passionfruit shine through in the aroma, backed up by resinous tropical fruit on the palate. Don’t miss this one.

And last, but by no means least...

Going Back To Cali

A bumper month is being rounded off with this keg only release.

We're going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali with a fresh 4.2% West Coast pale, inspired by some of the OG's of the craft beer scene. This beer pours with a touch more golden colour than some of our recent offerings, with a nice malt backbone also offering some balanced sweetness. A collective of vibrant American hops cut through with piney, floral and citrus notes.

Going Back To Cali hits bars from the 10th February so make sure you ask your favourite watering hole to get it in.

And that's all for now, folks! For such a short month, we're packing it in and there's a lot to look forward to. Whether you're a pale ale, IPA, big dark beer or barrel aged fan - Siren have got you covered.

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