Endure24 Reading

Endure24 Reading is back, and we have no doubt that this year will be better than ever before!

What? - Endure24 Reading is the UKs biggest (and best!) 24-hour relay race. Whether you take part in the relay or come to watch, we guarantee brewery fresh beer flowing for all.

When? - This year's relay will take place between the 8th and 9th June 2024, with the campsite open from the 7th.

Where? - The event takes place in Wasing Park, Reading; a varied and exciting 8km loop with stunning scenery. The trail features many landmarks and enchanting natural wonders, including the 15th century Church of St Nicholas and the mesmerising Wasing Wood.

After conquering the infamous ‘Heartbreak Hill,’ be sure to take in the stunning panoramic views of Paices Wood lake!


Siren at Endure24 Reading

We're stoked to be back pouring brewery fresh beers as the sole bar provider at the event this year, after a rousing success in 2023. Last year we served 4 different beers over 12 lines, and you can bet we'll be back behind the bar with similar offerings this year!

Not only will be have great Siren beers on tap, but we're bringing with us a large selection of soft drinks, spirits and even a few cocktails! You'll even be able to purchase individual cans to take back to your campsite.

There'll be a party on Friday night too, which was a highlight of the weekend last year - you don't want to miss this! This year's party will be even bigger, and hopefully we'll get the giant conga line going once more (can we get it even longer than last year?

How It Works

Whether you're running in a team, or going it solo (as Siren brewer JD did last year, hitting a huge 100 miles in 24 hours!), it's up to you how you enjoy Endure24 Reading this year. Click below for more detailed information on the event, and how you can get involved.