Siren Craft Break - Lumina Hour!

Help us hit our goals and we'll give £10,000 to Make A Wish! 

It's Lumina's 3rd Anniversary! It was June 19th 2020 when we first launched our shining star into the world. To mark the occasion, we've brewed an incredible 8.4% double version, ILLUMINATI.

Illuminati features the same hop lineup as it's little sibling, with added LUMINOSA, for that same gorgeous aroma and flavour profile, but with added punch. We've put together some awesome mixed cases, featuring not only LUMINA and ILLUMINATI but also a host of other goodies, such as Lumina prints, Planispheres, Magic Stars and of course the return of Space Raiders! 

But... it doesn't stop there. We have some goals with this beer and if they're hit, we're donating £10,000 to Make A Wish. Yes... ten thousand pounds. 

Goal One - To have Lumina and/or Illuminati appearing in 1000 sites. 

Goal Two - To get Lumina and/or Illuminati trending on twitter.

Tough goals, but we're well on the way to achieving them. Our sales team are beavering away getting goal one achieved. For Goal Two, we need your help. 

Lumina Hour

At 7pm on Friday 30th June, we just ask that you tweet about Lumina. Ideally, head to a venue or crack open a can, but all we ask is that you tweet about Lumina. Hopefully, you can also ask your friends, family and pets (we've seen a lot of cats on Twitter) to join in too. 

We'll be monitoring the trends, and if Lumina appears then a mighty £10,000 is going straight to the Make A Wish foundation. 


Get the deluxe mixed case here!