TIME HOPS BEER FESTIVAL - A Celebration of Hops

We're excited to invite you to a celebration of hops on Saturday 30th July

We’ll be releasing four ‘Time Hops’. Unique beers made to celebrate different hops in different eras, inspired by and developed with some of the best breweries and hop experts in the world.

To give these beers the party they deserve, we’re planning a huge event at Reading University’s 360 venue and student union for the hoppiest event it's ever seen. You might be used to joining us at the brewery, but we wanted somewhere with easy access and the space for live music, beer tastings, DJ’s, street food, exclusive merch and multiple bars serving 30+ beers across the whole day.

We’re also calling upon our brewery friends from near and far to come and join us, bringing their best and most exciting brews with them. Keep your eyes peeled as we announce these.

Your £12 tickets will gain you access to the festival, special Time Hops glass, festival programme and 5 £1 tokens to get you started.

What is Time Hops?

Hop farming, cultivation and development has come a long way since the earliest days of the Craft Beer Industry in the US. Time Hops is a celebration of some of the world’s favourite hops and the impact they’ve had on beer as we know it. We’ll be looking at the hops that have defined some of the best ever beers, and the beers that have defined some of the best ever hops. 

We’ll be diving into the context of when and how some of these hops came to prominence. What were people drinking at the time? To what extent have tastes in hops influenced tastes in styles? How do the hop growers respond, adjust and evolve to meet the needs of growing breweries? How do new hop varieties go from being completely unheard of to planted by the acre? 

In the process we will aim to learn what pioneering breweries did to unlock every piece of flavour they could from their ingredients, what they set out to achieve and how they did it. Along with talking to some of the most influential people on the brewing side, we’ll also be picking the brains of hop growers, farmers and distributors to bring the whole story to life. 

But a hop celebration wouldn’t be complete without fresh beer. We’ll be brewing four unique beers, inspired by hops from significant eras in distinctive styles. Each will call on the stories and research we’ve picked up along the way. 

This is a celebration of a key and unrivalled ingredient, where we hope to tell the story of growers to brewers to consumers and enjoy the journey we are all on, celebrating an agricultural ingredient that is the heart of the craft brewing revolution.