Written by Tim

2021: A Year at Siren

Well that’s another year done, and what a year it’s been. Although the pandemic still permeates our lives in all kinds of ways, at least options have begun to appear again to get out and about and enjoy restaurants, pubs, bars, festivals and events.

2021 at Siren: Click the image for a hi-res view.

From lockdown calendars to virtual beer festivals, then ACTUAL events and the announcement of our first pub… it’s fair to say we’ve kept busy.

Most importantly, the beer. This year, we’ve released:

Our FIVE flagship beers
FOUR beers from the Barrel Store
FOUR keg only specials, including one that served up SIREN music festival, in Italy
FIFTEEN Suspended in brews
And believe it or not…
EIGHTY TWO individual canned beers. 

 That’s a total ONE HUNDRED AND TEN different beers, or one for every 3.3 days on average. We want to extend a massive thank you to anyone who’s tried our beers this year, be it through the website, the Tap Yard or from a bar or bottleshop, either in the UK or abroad. Seeing all your reviews, photos and reactions make it all worthwhile for us. We love it.

All this was made possible by continued investments in our team and in our brewery. We’re set up now to brew more beer than ever, and crucially, at better levels of quality than we’ve ever been able to before. We’ll update more on this side of things early in the new year. We’re especially proud and grateful to our team for their work once more in turbulent circumstances.

In our founder Darron’s Christmas email he said “Our community is incredible, we’re extremely proud to be a part of it and appreciative for the time and attention we are afforded by you all.” and that sentiment is echoed by each and every one of us. 

There’s already big plans for 2022, kicking off with some Tryanuary specials and the return of our January Prize Draw Mini Fridge Giveaway Spectacular! Keep your eyes peeled for that… In the meantime, check out the graphic for this year’s releases and activities. If we’ve forgotten anything, let us know! ????

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Scroll down for Easter Eggs from the image above.




















George & Dragon (our pub) and the Beer Name Euros Wallchart

Not every t-shirt we’ve made, but the two from this year’s Project Barista.

On the floor
A stack of “Wokingham Today” papers, symbolised by our full page advert cheering on Binfield in their Wembley final. For those outside Wokingham, we have a regular column in the paper!

Some chillis, which represent our live virtual tastings. If you missed them, twice we ended up eating raw chilli. 

There’s a “LOCKDOWN WITH SIREN” sticker on the plant pot, from the Lockdown calendars. 

In the ‘Coolypso’ fridge 
All 82 can releases, including collabs with bottleshops and advent calendar exclusive.

The 5 flagship beers

Maida Vale cheese, which is washed in Soundwave

On the fridge

2 lanyards for Big Foot Fest and LCBF, signifying the fun we had at events this year

15 Suspended in…. Keg badges. Honestly, we didn’t have space for the cask badges, or special named versions, like Suspended in George & Dragon. 

To the right of the fridge

Our light box, which represents the lightboxes and fridges we’ve put into some of our favourite bottleshops this year. There’s some silly string, which is a nod to our 8th birthday celebrations.

On the shelf

The 4 Barrel Store releases, some of this year’s glassware, merchandise and Barrel Aged coffee.

There are also the facemasks we made hanging on the edge. 

Under the shelf

Our advent calendar

Our new presentation boxes, with Christmas labelled cans

The “AirSiren” paper aeroplane from our Olympics box

A Soundwave 4 pack and Soundwave candle

Our Growlers

Right Wall

An arrow pointing to the Pizza Kitchen, which we re-opened with brand new facilities at the Tap Yard this year. 

Posters for the Pompelmocellobration, Project Barista, Caribbean Chocolate Cake and our 8th Birthday. 

Keg wall with the 4 keg only releases this year. 

And the rug on the floor is just a good rug!